Beautiful Interfaces The Privacy Paradox



Beautiful Interfaces Deepweb/Darknet – P2P Gallery, is a project focus in create file-sharing networks to show and support media art as a data outside of the conventional WWW. Created in 2013 by Miyö Van Stenis was part of the first edition of The Wrong - New Digital Art Biennale as an official pavilion called Beautiful Interfaces: The Deep in the Void, an Deepweb file-sharing exhibition.

BI The privacy paradox

Beautiful Interfaces: The privacy paradox explores the concept of privacy versus self-exposure, through a platform that allows distribution and creates content in a more independent and anonymous way. In the era of algorithm prediction, all our online actions have a digital trace, used by companies and governments to predict our behaviors. The artists in the exhibition comment on dichotomous situations between the private and the public.

This new edition of Beautiful Interfaces is a decentralized network to show and distribute new media art - a web island accessible via a private network from hacked wifi routers, which are not connected to the Internet. Each router has a private network, allowing visitors to connect from their own devices, cell phones or ipads, in order to view the exhibition.

Beautiful Interfaces: The privacy paradox is powered by developed by Dan Phiffer in 2011, it’s a custom OpenWRT, free, anonymous and uncensored resource for share media information in the virtual space. For more information visit


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