July 12th – 18h / 7 Rue de Aubriot 75004 – Paris


The relations between Paris and Latin America have been mediated by art since more than 2 centuries. Institutions in Latin America traditionally tend to implement a French cultural model while in Paris last vanguards linked to aesthetic abstraction and kinetic art was carried out by Latin American artists. Groups like GRAV and Disidentes opened the doors to start an aesthetic infiltration in Paris, but it is no longer necessary “trip to Paris” to be linked to the European art circuit, today cultural infiltration is possible through the Internet.

Continuing this labor and permanent interest in highlighting the local art movement and the rich aesthetic production conceived especially in Latin America, the curators Rolando J. Carmona and Miyö Van Stenis would present in one of the most iconic cities for worldwide culture, BYOB Tropical Paris. The event will be held in the heart of the traditional neighborhood of Parisian galleries, where through an open call and pre-selection of works will exhibit on 12 July this year, a platform for plural and international dialogue, which allows to insert the European circuit, solid career artists of our continent. This project aims to build a new chapter between France and Latin America. In this case the intention is to establish a dialogue between the production of a group of Latin American artists and some key players in the European Media Art.