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Lic. In Fine Arts Mention: Mixed Media in UNEARTE – National Experimental University of Art. Ccs – Vzl

Born in Caracas, Venezuela and based in Paris, France since 2014



DOB -DeOrigenBélico®
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BI – Beautiful Interfaces (Deepweb – P2P Gallery)

The Deep in the Void: Pavillion for the first edition of The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale

Dismantling the Simulation (FB – Group)

Faceebook Group
Site: http://dismantlingthesimulation.com/
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Artist and curator specialized in New Media Art, currently based in Paris. Her work explores in the technological field: interfaces, operating systems, softwares and devices involved in the Internet as an performative action where the value is the human pursuing the error or the limit but also has a series of projects related to the socio-political crisis in Venezuela. Her curatorial work is centered in the criticism and the aesthetics of new medias/technologies; such as DeOrigenBelico since 2010 and Beautiful Interfaces since 2013 and founder member of the activist group: Dismantling the Simulation.


2016 D. Martins – Sao Paulo, Brasil
Title: Trust me, I’m a Dolphin | Net. Art

2015 Hans Rotter – Berlin, Germany
Title: Bitcoin Dreams | Net. Art

2013 DVD DEAD DROP Vol. 5, BEST OF curated by Fach & Asendorf – NY, Museum of The Moving Image.
Title: ((((mobile%//%·3 | OS Dashboard Apps
2012 Rhizome Art base Selection – NY, EE.UU
Title: u—— | Net. Art


La Ermita Poética
Computers Club Drawing Society
ACNLRYS – A Creepy Night Light Reflecting on Your Screen
BYOB CARACAS and Producción Aleatoria



**A MAZE Festival. Berlin, Germany.

MOMENTS. Group Exhibition curated by Art Plateforme. Paris, France.


DIGITAL MUSEUM OF DIGITAL ART – DiMoMa @ RISD Museum USA. Curators: Helena Acosta & Eileen Isagon Skyers.


GIF WRAPPING 2016  – Annual Gif exchange presented by NetArt.net

PUBLIC.EXCESS #1 Diaspora > Diaspora.

CREATIVE VR BARCELONA. Presentation/Talk @ IACC – Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia. Presented by Fabbula. Barcelone, Spain.

DATABIT.ME #6 – 2 Days Presentation/Talk @ College Frederic Mistral. Arles, France.

DATABIT.ME #6. Artist in Residency. Arles, France.

PREVIEW DATABIT.ME #6 .Doc Performance @ Friche la Belle de Mai. Marseille, France.

INTERNATIONAL GIF CONTEST >> Special Award “Prix Databit.Me”. France.

DIGITAL MUSEUM OF DIGITAL ART – DiMoMa @ Satelite Art Show. Miami Beach, USA. Curators: Helena Acosta & Eileen Isagon Skyers.

DIGITAL MUSEUM OF DIGITAL ART – DiMoMa @Harvestworks. Soho, USA. Curators: Helena Acosta & Eileen Isagon Skyers.

BOOKS – London edition at Arebyte Gallery. London, UK. Curator: David Quiles Guillo.

Dance with flARmingos at the Queens International 2016. Queens Museum. NYC, USA. Curator: Kristin Lucas.


2015 NET.NATURE | SOLO EXHIBITON. Art Plateforme. Paris, France (8, Rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais 75003).

LOVE ME TRULY at Matadero Madrid. Madrid, España. Curators: Helena Grande.

BYOB HOLIDAYS at REVERSE. NYC, USA. Curators: Helena Acosta, Andrea Wolf & Joe Salinas

GIF MATTERS Nancy, France

THE WRONG (again) in the Pavilion 0010111000101100 Curator: Elena Garmelo

DATABIT.ME Arles, France. (Artist in Residence)

P05T.P05T.P05T ARTE/DATA at the ONG – Organisation Nelson Garrido. Caracas, Venezuela. Curator: Helena Acosta

REFRAG GLITCH at Paris. (Desktop performance)

SPAMM OF VIRTUALISM at Paris, New York City and Moscow. Curators: Helena Acosta, Systaime and Jean Guillaume

INTERNET DRONES at ULTRA. Curator: Kamilia Kard. Italy
FLANETERIE Hangzhou, China. Noname Gallery. Curator: Matthieu Delourne


ISI ART NUMERIQUES – SYSTAIME SOLO SHOW #2. Montpellier, France. Live performance

SPAMM WEBSTETICS, NYC, USA. Curator: Helena Acosta
I’M YOUR BODY at Le Cloitre De Billetes. Paris, France. Curator: Rolando Carmona
DIGITAL VISION LIMOGES  Limoges, France. Curator: Systaime
WEBJAYS 111OOZOO111. EXIT festival at the Maison des Arts de Créteil – Paris, France. Curator: Anne Roquigny
NET-RECYCLING – Hangzhou, China. Noname Gallery. Curator: Matthieu Delourne
Dashboard – The Wrong Curators Art Show. Milan, Italy. Curators: David Quiles Guilló and Kamilia Kard


Transnomades 2013 – Mobile “Art(s) & Network(s)” Awards Brussels. Curator: Anne Roquigny. Online performance
Internet Lovers I <3 <3 <3 <3 Naked Flux. Live streaming using TinyChat system at the Contemporary Art Museum of Colombia, Bogota-Colombia. Online performance
Live Performance Meeting México 2013. México DF. Live Desktop performance

CLOAQUE.ORG  Madrid, España. Curator: Carlos Saez y Claudia Olmedo
Clusterfuck Zoo  New York City, EE.UU. TRANSFER Gallery. Curator: Lorna Mills
GIM – GIRLS FROM THE INTERNET MUSEUM  Lima, Peru. NNM Studio. Curator: Gaby Cepeda
Digital TextureHangzhou, China. Noname Gallery. Curator: Matthieu Delourne
VIDEO ART ATTACK!  Ghent, Belgica. Curator: Jimmy Hendrickx
Glitch Art Genealogies Berlin, Alemania. LEAP BERLIN (Lab for Electronic Arts and Performance). Curator: Rosa Menkman
S. P. A. M. M. SAFARI (Super Art Modern Museum). Curator: La Turbo Abeldon and Systaime
S. P. A. M. M. Cupcake (Super Art Modern Museum) – IRL: 168 Corner of Bowery & Kenmare NYC. Curaduria: Ellectra Radical y Systaime
Gifwrapping II. Curator: Anthony Antonellis


ACNLRYS Facebook Party #2 -Sunday Matinees Live streaming at the Contemporary Art Museum of Colombia, Bogota-Colombia
La Ruta Nocturna de los Museos (The Museum’s Night Route) National Art Gallery of Venezuela
ACCIONARTE  Caracas, Venezuela Hall of The CELARG Foundation. Curator: Helena Acosta
OPEN YOUR WEB #3  Paris, Curator: Systaime. Online performance transmitted in Paris on La Chambre á Air

Octubre Joven (Young October)  Valencia, Venezuela. Ateneo de Valencia. Curator: Esmelyn Miranda
La Ruta Nocturna de los Museos (The Museum’s Night Route) Caracas, Venezuela. GAN – National Art Gallery
DINCA 2012  Chicago, EE.UU. Thalia Hall “Czech Theatre” Curator: Andrew L. Rosinski
The Material Glitch  Vancouver, Canada At the Quinary Art Projects
ARTE PROCESO, Process Art (Workshop and residency at the CELARG Fundation)  Caracas, Venezuela. CELARG Foundation. Selection: Pedro Sanz
BYOB: El Salvador  El Salvador. Selection and Production: Malasartes and Producción Aleatoria
BYOB: La Habana  Cuba. Garaje 19 Creativos – Curator: Helena Acosta for Producción Aleatoria
S. P. A. M. M. (Super Art Modern Museum) IRL: Transnumeriques Biennale # 4– Galeries de la Reine, Brussels Curators: Thomas Chenesaeu & Systaime
Veleada Sta. Lucia 2012 – Maracaibo, Venezuela.Especial Transmition in the streets of Santa Lucia’s Community and Web-Based Installation with the artists Noxo Stremor and Valeria Castillo


BYOB: Caracas  Caracas, Venezuela. CELARG Fundation. Curator: Helena Acosta for Producción Aleatoria
Doc.Art  Kiev,Ucrania Curator: Irina Markova. Interactive work made in .doc format
Gli.tc/h 20111 Chicago, USA and Amsterdam, NL. Curators: Rosa Menkman, Jon Satron and Nick Briz
Poética Mínima: Poesía Celular Caracas, Venezuela National Art Gallery. Especial exhibition for the anniversary of DÁMASO OGAZ : Mail Art, Visual Poetry and Conceptualism. Curator: Arnoll Cardenas



Beautiful Interfaces: The Privacy Paradox | DarkNet exhibition curated by Helena Acosta and Miyö Van Stenis. IRL @ REVERSE Chealse, NY. Part of the Creative Tech Week NY 2016


Ongoing. LA META ES DESMONTAR LA SIMULACIÓN (DISMANTLING THE SIMULATION) – Facebook Group. IRL: ONG (Nelson Garrido Organization). Caracas and NYC Co-curated with: Helena and Violette Bule.


BYOB – TROPICAL PARIS. (7 Rue d’Aubriot) Paris, France http://goo.gl/aECWZ2
BYOB Caracas IV –  in the ONG (Nelson Garrido Organization). Caracas, Venezuela.
The Wrong Biennale, Curator from the pavillion Beautiful Interfaces: The Deep in the Void http://thedeepinthevoid.com/


DULCE S.P.A.M.M. – Caracas, Venezuela. IRL: Contemporary Museum of Caracas – MAC Online: http://dulce.spamm.fr. Co-Curator: Helena Acosta.
BYOB – Caracas III “I Want to Believe” – Caracas, Venezuela. Contemporary Museum of Caracas. Co-Curator: Helena Acosta.


BYOB – Caracas II – Caracas, Venezuela at the COTRAIN Institute of Film.


Lado B: Laboratorio Estético (Side B: Aesthetic Laboratory) – Caracas, Venezuela. 3th edition. Bibliotheca of the USB – Simon Bolivar University.
DeOrigenBélico: La Revuelta // DOB: The Revolt – Valencia, Venezuela. Ateneo of Valencia.


Lado B: Laboratorio Estético (Side B: Aesthetic Laboratory) – Caracas, Venezuela 2th Edition. Bibliotheca of the USB – Simon Bolivar University.
DeOrigenBélico: BabyShowerBélico OnLine Exhibition