Dance with flARmingos is curatorial project by Kristin Lucas, a group exhibition of augmented reality ‘sculptural’ works by media artists engaged in a variety of 3d practices, organized around the theme of Terraforming. The first iteration of the exhibition took place on the grounds of Gallery Protocol in Gainesville, Florida from September 11‐October 24, 2015 and the second edition -who I’ve the honor to be part- it take place as a part of the 2016 Queens International at the Queens Museum in New York City (from April 10-­July 31, 2016).

Participants were asked to “virtually terraform” the grounds surrounding the gallery “into the likeness of their choosing or as altogether new realities” using digital tools, free from the constraints and practicalities of an endeavor of this magnitude in the physical realm. These digitally rendered works were then geolocated as virtual augmentations onto the landscape, where visitors viewed and interacted with them via their personal electronic devices (i.e. smartphones, tablets, etc.). Using the in-app features of Layar’s free augmented reality app, viewers could take screenshots of the works and post them to social media accounts. Hashtags included: #danceprotocol #flarmingos #dancewith flarmingos.

Participating Artists:
Morehshin Allahyari, Peter Baldes, Shamus Clisset, Ben Coonley, Eteam, Lily & Honglei Art Studio, Kristin Lucas, Rosa Menkman, Brenna Murphy, Eva Papamargariti, Will Pappenheimer, Tabita Rezaire, Alfredo Salazar-Caro, Rick Silva, Mark Skwarek, Jack Stenner, Thomas Storey, V5MT, Miyö Van Stenis, Giselle Zatonyl

Dance with flARmingos was organized by Lucas using an open source web tool developed by artist Thomas Storey for the project, and a commission from the Queens Museum. <3


The artist is online since 1989 – A model of my current Internet portal

Another works to enjoy in the Quees Museum:

Wave 2 by Mark Skwarek and Alexandre Pellitero-Rivero

Augmented Wave 2 by Mark Skwarek and Alexandre Pellitero-Rivero

Tabita Rezaire matrix

Matrix by Tabita Rezaire