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ImageMiyö Van Stenis

Octopus: What is your relationship to Internet art?
Miyö Van Stenis : I live / work / study / talk / flirt / search / ignore / harassment / program / I do anything on the web, but most important, I consider myself a Net Artist so my work will always be closely linked to the Internet, the technological devices to access on it and his ongoing relationship with the human beings.
O : How has the Internet changed your activities?
MVS. : Since I was 6 years old, I have not separated from a computer, when the Internet came to my country (Venezuela, ndlr) as a public service, I probably had about 12 years old, from there in the same way that the Internet evolved into a graphical environment and then be the powerful communication medium that it is today, the way I looked and accessed the knowledge or information changed radically, I didn’t think it was possible to learn something out of schools, but this space teach me to be self-taught, that knowledge could be free, that I could have freedom of thought and above all that the world was closer than I thought.
I once read from Robert Lorayn something that said the Internet had been his great teacher in life, never forget that phrase, I felt fully identified, Internet has always been a teacher, a parent or even more your best friend, but I never forget the feeling of satisfaction that I had after reading “The Temporary Autonomous Zone” of Hakim Bey -one of my firts pdf files- and know that I had gotten a little piece of that archipelago, I was not more dependent on others to learn, I could find things and shape it according to my needs. Internet not only change the way I do things, but as I understand them and I relate to them.
O : Which online work of art would you choose for this exhibition?
MVS. : Easy : http://www.miyovanstenis.com/7.htm
This work is about poetry as part of the programing code -see the source code and you’ll see- and how the Internet can be interpreted as an immaterial object that expresses itself in the absence of a file.O : To whom would you like us to send this form on your behalf?
MVS. : Mmmmmmmm.—– this’s the hard part… which one…? I think Emilio Gomariz or Manuel Fernández would be perfect.

Your geographical position: Guatire, Miranda, Republica Bolivariana de Venezuela