Miyö’s Torture Room: LA TUMBA


F4W8+4V Caracas, Distrito Capital, Venezuela


VR Environment

Detail of La Tumba

Totalitarianism is a global enterprise of enslavement of man. The individual fades before a radical and collective project. The leaders will stop at nothing to achieve their ends. The state’s policy of eliminating all possible opponents needs weapons proportionate to the wars it must wage against these external and internal enemies. In this deadly enterprise, torture is one of the ordinary weapons of this power, as well as confinement, the multiplication of forced labor camps and extermination or massive displacement of populations. Serge Portelli – History of Torture, 2017.

MIYÖ’S TORTURE ROOM: LA TUMBA (The Tomb), it’s a replica of a torture prison in the heart of Caracas, Venezuela. Originally conceived as an underground metro station, Venezuela’s best-known and most feared prison is a five-storey cement box located at the headquarters of the intelligence agency. On the top floor of this basement, seven cells of 2 by 3 square meters shelter, in some cases under false accusations, the leaders of the political opposition. This work is based on real testimonies of those who were there, thus having the conditions of imprisonment, the tortures applied and the psychological deterioration that they underwent. The game of the Venezuelan state to normalize torture and violence, so that the population can be afraid of the government, to lower our ethical standards.

Conceptually this work address the idea of terror or fear as a form of domination. In this case, state terrorism: increasing the concentration of power in the executive branch, debilitating the independence and autonomy of the judiciary; restrict freedom of expression and the closure of dissident media; excessive – sometimes lethal – use of force and other forms of restrictions on peaceful assembly; widespread use of torture and horrific conditions of detention, in general, the violation of human rights and the weak concept of democracy in societies.