Public Excess is an online international contemporary media publication dedicated to the intersection of local and global politics with art and digitial mediums. Using the model of Public Access-television–which is traditionally a form of non-commercial mass media available to the general public–Public Excess applies this model to the form of the internet. Created by Lal Avgen, Mev Luna and Zeynab Ghandou.
For the first edition I had the honor of contribute to this project along with Alp Seyrekbasan, Işıl Eğrikavuk, Janelle Miller, Jessika Khazrik or The Society of False Witnesses, Najva Sol, Roxy Farhat and Shala Miller, developing an special work called Immigrant Dungeon, where I address, not only my artistic background but also reflect my political concern by the fact that I’m a Venezuelan immigrant in France and a political refugee, directly affected by the censorship and irresponsable measures taken by the government of Hugo Chavez and his political party that has left Venezuela in an unconstitutional and harmful situation.

I’ve highlighted in Immigrant Dungeon, three projects with the participation of the artist Violette Bule and the curator Helena Acosta, both Venezuelan based in NYC, USA, that have represented in my career an important point of reflection and activism. They’re Venezuelan Duhkha Levitation with Violette Bule; Dismantling the Simulation, created after the student protests in Venezuela on 2014 along with Helena Acosta and Violette Bule; and Beautiful Interfaces: the privacy paradox, curated in 2014 also with Helena Acosta.

This work it’s a PC/MAC application that can be download for free at Public Excess,


It’s also important to remark that this was a conversation with Mev Lune, who allow me to be free to present this content as a piece of art, as the project  approach new media art in a more creative way but also more close to the spirit of this type of discipline.