THE WRONG (again) – New Digital Art Biennale


0010111000101100 which means . & , in binary language, is a pavilion dedicated to gender concepts in its broadest and polysemous meaning. Intended not result in feminist discourses, women subjected to power and male parent, and yes to free interpretation of these concepts, both as separate states, or maybe together.

The pavilion itself, is a kind of a maze, based on the architectures of the impossible Escher and the great Piranesi. Spaces as complex as the many concepts it hosts.


Curated by
Elena Garnelo

Featured artists:

Anonymous | Carla Gannis | Carolyn Frischling | Christina McPhee | Dafna Ganani | Dijana Mijatovic | Elena Gaztelumendi | Elena Romenkova | Erica Lapadat-Janzen | Erik Zepka | Esteban Ottaso | Helena Acosta | Isabel Perez del Pulgar | Jean-Guillaume Le Roux | Katherine SultanVLaurie Frick | Lu Lantana | Mitch Posada | Nick Briz | Anna Russett | Pussykrew | Systaime | Vesna Kovacevic | Vince McKelvie | Vincent Charlebois | Violette Bule & Miyö Van Stenis | Xochitl Garcia

Website by Carrie Gates

Homepage video by Carrie Gates and Elena Garnelo

0010111000101100 is part of The Wrong- New Digital Art Biennale.

The Wrong – New Digital Art Biennale is a global art event founded by David Quiles Guilló.


Venezuelan Duhkha Levitation, 2014
Violette Bule & Miyö Van Stenis

I also participated in the special project for The Wrong Biennale, LAYER by GifMatters

Rachael Archibald | Brian Brian Brian Brian | Leclub Superette | Alix Desaubliaux | Alastair B Gray | Vince Mckelvie | Miyö Van Stenis |  Sybil Montet |  Martin Olsson | Helin Sahin | Michaël Systaime Borras

IRL Opening 14/11/15 + sound & live video performance & website launching.
Ateliers Quatrepourcent, 53 Avenue de la Garenne, Nancy

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Raw Meat, 2015. Gif Animation