The Wrong.Router

a device designed and engineered to display digital art to everyone nearby with a smart phone or tablet, via WiFi.

why is the wrong router a game changer?
it allows you to showcase your digital art solo or group shows without the need of internet, wall space or screen set ups. this is big.

if you are a gallerist, this is the perfect “new no-space” you needed to display solo or group shows of digital art.

if you are a curator or an artist, it allows you to become your own gallery, and run your show, anywhere.

what can i do with the wrong router?
now you can walk into MOMA with your device, and host your digital art show in the same room as roy lichtenstein, jackson pollock or salvador dalí. or while snacking in central park. or while dancing in your favourite club’s bathroom. or while commuting, or even while in heavy traffic. and yes, your show joins the official program of the wrong.

does this mean i can show whatever i want in it?
yes, you are the router master, but you are also fully responsible for what you showcase in your device.

is the wrong router a shortcut to join the wrong?
yes it is.

if you organise a solo or group router show with the wrong router, you cut the line to join the next edition of the biennale.

are you serious?
yes. all the router shows will conform a massive global offline exhibit for the upcoming 4th edition of the wrong.more info very soon.

is the wrong router easy to use?

yes it is. ready to stream video, images, gifs and audio at 3ooMbps.

the wrong router is very small, light, ultra portable and super easy to use.

what are the tech specs of the wrong router?
CPU: mtk7628nn @58omhz. memory /storage: ddr2 128mb/ flash 16mb. interfaces: 1 wan, 1 lan, 1 usb2.o, 1 micro usb (power), 1 reset button. frequency: 2.4ghz transmission rate: 3oombps. max tx power: 2odbm. protocol: 8o2.11 b/g/n. external storage support: fat32/ exfat/ ext4/ ext3/ ext2/ ntfs. webcam support mjpg, yuv. diy features: uart, 4gpio, 3.3v & 5v power port. power input: 5v/1a. power consumption: <2w. dimension, weight: 58*58*25mm, 39g.

what are the software specs?

the wrong router uses an openWRT software based on piratebox developed by matthias strubel︎.

who is behind the wrong router enterprise?

miyö van stenis︎ & david quiles guilló︎ for thewrong︎.