As Wikipedia describe, Vigipirate is a national security alert system divided in five (5) levels of threats represented by colors:

White: no danger

Yellow: Vague threat / raise vigilance
Orange: Possible threat / prevent terrorist action
Red: High chance of threat / prevent serious attack
Scarlet: Definite threat / prevent major attack

The venezuelan artist Miyo Van Stenis, with her work VIGIPIRATE2.0 (prototype), attacks the new political restrictions introduced in her country by Hugo Chavez in 2012. Vigipirate is an anti-terrorism system based on various levels of security. The artist works on the second level, “raise vigilance”, introducing data, informations and pictures in an Encrypted SD Card memory that could compromise this level according to the present norm applied in her country. This action could lead the artist to be accused of terrorism. The little drone Cheerson CX-10, which holds the encrypted sd card, becomes an epitome of freedom. This work is part of a series of projects, such as “The Revolution is printed all over me”  (2014 -ongoing) and “La Meta es Desmontar la Simulacion” (2014- on going), that aim to expose and attack the injustice and the repressions of the present venezuelan government.

Kamilia Kard


VIGIPIRATE (French: Plan Vigipirate) is France‘s national security alert system. Created in 1978 by President Valéry Giscard d’Estaing, it has since been updated three times: in 1995 (following a terror bombing campaign), 2000 and 2004. Source Wikipedia

We enter to an era where information transformed into data is the highest value of society. It seems pretty clear that technology is on the way to become what humans beings always desire. The future is here: Internet owns our life, there is no thing as privacy; be connected is a need at the point that we are capable to be biotech humans and most important, wars are directed by Drones.

I’ve been for a while searching how Drones can affect art or in other way how art can use or create drones prototypes for the artist needs. But as human being, I come from political, economic and cultural backgrounds that change in a few years not only my concept of democracy or freedom but also how I’ll survive. How my art will survive if tomorrow I become a terrorist for the only action of being free, for search freedom?

In 2012, Hugo Chavez presented a law that make every person against his government or his action in the power a “terrorist” or a “traitor to the homeland”, the foundations of this law are vague so the state can decide easily who can be judged. For 2014, Nicolas Maduro, member of the same political party adapt this intimidated law to a version that includes the artists or any “cultural promoter”.

I was born and raised in Caracas, Venezuela. I’m Caribbean, however I live in France with an status where I’m not a tourist, I’m not European, I’m not illegal still I’m not legal. Dealing with this reality I developed a project that allows me to understand not only how the concept of “terrorism” is managed in Europe, especially in France but also how these actions can be translated in Media Art.


The small Drone prototype presented in this project represents the second* level of security. It’s intervened and inside contains an encrypted SD cart memory with a collection of works, information, images… indeed, data that can compromise me political and legal as Venezuelan laws describe any action against the government can be translated to an act of “terrorism” or “treason”; but outside of his range of power not only I can protect my work and content but also show what as artist I think is correct and share information.

Selected by Kamilia Kard for INTERTNET DRONES